The Martha Stewart Party Parody Collection...

Martha Stewart: Living

Party on, Martha Stewart!
MrsMegaByte's bombastic bash with guest of horror Martha Stewart continues. Enjoy!

Martha's home-grown feeding frenzy continued and continued and continued.
Soon there wasn't a single drop of anything green to be found.

beer In true character, Martha Stewart courageously managed to flow with the moment. toilet

And go with the flow, Martha Stewart did.


Martha: gassed


Pretty lucky for us that this isn't Smell-a-Vision!

Martha Stewart Always Knows Just What to Do

  "I have an absolutely stupendous idea. Green olives, green peppers, green onions - Let's call-out for pizza!" Martha Stewart went on and on and on... "I just so happen to be the personal friend of a world-renknowned pizza chef who regularly boasts that he's also known as, Mighty Manfred."



While reminiscing about
that Manly Man,

Pizza Martha Stewart is reminded of her ex-hubby ---> Larry

Ooh man! Here's when the evening began to get really interesting...  

Martha Stewart politely excused herself
and requested to use a telephone, privately.

Martha Stewart must have dozed off while waiting on hold as she contently listened and sang along with:

"When the sun hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's AMORE!"


Martha Stewart in Bed

  Martha on pig  

The demanding evening had simply exhausted poor Martha Stewart. But, that was okay because Martha Stewart typically did her best work while relaxing.

Martha Stewart's deepest secret dreams are revealed.
Restroom The innovative marketing plan for the Martha Stewart Realty Company. Xmas decor Ahhh, then on to peaceful dreams of innovative holiday decorating. slobber Oooh, now on to tranquil dreams of Martha Stewart's new, creative, and exclusive secret ingredients.

Martha Stewart's serene slumber was soon interupted, as Martha began to violently toss and turn.

  Dreaming about Red's "Piquant Pizza" the special of the day, was enough to give poor Martha Stewart one really ghastly nightmare.   Martha Stewart Dream Imagery  

Martha Stewart's Horrific Evening Continues


If you dare to know more about Martha Stewart's Horrific Evening

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Martha Stewart


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Quark & Martha

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