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MrsMegaByte thoroughly enjoys hearing from you! Following are actual guest book entries from MrsMegaByte's second guest book - seriously. Even I couldn't make all of this stuff up. You'll notice that there are both positive and negative comments about this site and about Martha Stewart. This surely makes for some hilarious reading. If you'd like to leave your mark, please SIGN the current guest book. Thanks!

Name: a certain lonely correspondent
E-Mail: b_AT_cy-hal
City/State/Country: same ol' gummint town down here
Date: Mon Nov 20 12:20:32 2000
How you found us: A link someplace

Wrote... MrsMb R U alright or wot? Please give us a sign so that we can cease to worry, and Martha can keep on. B

Name: ellen consales
E-Mail: pacins_AT_erols_DoT_com
City/State/Country: sudbury,ma. usa
Date: Fri Nov 10 19:15:21 2000
How you found us: By my best recollection, I don't remember

Wrote... looking forward to seeing this!

Name: Melissa Wright
E-Mail: Orianna88
City/State/Country: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
Date: Mon Sep 25 02:39:21 2000
How you found us: Other

Wrote... Great Site LOL

Name: in need of help
City/State/Country: tampa, fl
Date: Thu Sep 21 03:33:33 2000
How you found us: Attended a Green Jell-O Symposium in Nutley, NJ

Wrote... Great web sight. All my friends think I'm twisted because I think that Martha Stewart is a babe.

Name: Bob
E-Mail: beercanbob_AT_jigandgig_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Backwards Ville, Texas USA
Home Page:
Date: Thu Sep 14 20:01:11 2000
How you found us: My boss made it manditory

Wrote... Loved this Martha Steward site. GREAT JOB

Name: TD
E-Mail: the_td01_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Texas US
Date: Wed Sep 13 01:29:02 2000
How you found us: By my best recollection, I don't remember

Wrote... I just wondered here by accident, but, boy am I glad I did! For years, I've been saying that Stewart was ho in sheeps clothing. Thanks for letting everyone else in on it!

Name: Nevelyn Higgins
E-Mail: Nevgcmh1_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Lohman/MO
Date: Thu Aug 17 05:30:33 2000
How you found us: Other

Wrote... This is a very pleasant site to see, after seeing a lot of just "CRAP" Thank you!


A Note from MrsMegaByte:

If you signed the "new" guest book and you can't find your entry in the archived pages, please SIGN the book again. We experienced some sort of technical difficulty!?! (hard to believe considering that we're dealing with computers) The new guest book flat out disappeared in mid 2001 before I had a chance to copy and save those entries. Just another one of life's little mysteries, I suppose...






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