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From: Jason (sixdays7nights@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 1 02:47:16 1999


This page is so freaking funny! My best friend and I detest Martha Stewart! Hehe... well, it's not that we hate her, but she's sooooo weird. Thanks for cracking me up, cause I have the flu!

From: JennAire
Date: Fri Feb 26 02:46:57 1999

Martha's Recipe Ideas

I absolutely loved your site! That wacko, Martha Stewart, thinks that the rest of us "mere mortals with normal colons" can digest almost anything that looks nice on a plate. Well, that nut-case needs to eat some of her own recipes and then see what happens.

I do think that Martha Stewart must be a Borg.

Loved your site!!!

From: MOJO the Dog (dkm0006@unt.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 22 07:50:25 1999

Green Jello

Arf! Arf! Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf!!! Bow-wow! Arf!

From: MAXMILLIAN NUCLEAR (dkm0006@unt.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 21 03:09:20 1999

Why, Martha, of course!

After two in the morning and struggling to get over the lose of my pet scorpion, I needed some cheering up, and stumbled across your very well-directed 'Martha Stewart' web page. (Wish I had been at the party). Stay close to the headlines, I hear that she and Mick Jagger are planning a "Garden" together! How cheeky!

From: Be.Bo.
Date: Mon Feb 15 16:50:37 1999


jAMMING PARTY .Great music! I hate Marthy , that's why I liked it.

From: jd540 (jd540@juno.com)
Date: Sat Feb 13 00:30:02 1999

the stewies

this is the best martha stewart site i have been too. love those stewies!!!!!

From: Martha buddy (Class Act)
Date: Tue Feb 9 14:54:53 1999

Love That Martha

The content of this site is a waste of your good talent.

From: Josie Fine
Date: Fri Feb 5 01:00:26 1999

Oh That Martha Stewart???

Your recipe worked much better than any of Martha Stewart's ever would! (I don't know what it made, but at least it didn't pretend to do something that it certainly would NOT!) I Still don't know what a wasabi is, but now I don't care anymore. Martha is too much for any of us mere mortals.

From: Sailsnail (SAILSNAIL@AOL.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 2 23:23:18 1999

Martha Stewart parody

Dear Mrs. Megabyte: Thanks for keeping it real for someone who is intimidated by Martha.. She's to be admired but none of us can keep up.. Great comedy for the rest of us poor Slobs!!!

From: EGurtz (EGurtz@webtv.net)
Date: Wed Jan 27 22:51:59 1999

Martha Stewart's Zany Party

Loved it - Wish I were joining you

From: goddessmoira (goddessmoira@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 25 22:37:58 1999

Martha Stewart: goddess of all things home-y or Demon Crafting wench? You Decide!

oh-mi-god this is the FUNNIEST page I have ever seen about Martha Stewart (okay, well, it is also the -only- page) It's great! It's witty and fun! I absolutely love it! I'd be honored if you'd apply for my goddess award (http://welcome.to/moirazine/) because I guarentee you'd get it. :c) this page rools!

luv, goddessmoira

From: RH (none)
Date: Sun Jan 24 21:43:30 1999


I suggest someone contact Stephen King and see if he'd be intereted in writing a book about Martha Stewart - maybe one that involves her and Jack Nicholson at a quiet hotel in Maine where the ghosts are all her former guest coming back to haunt her.

From: Stuart Allen Smith (stuart_27@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 3 14:25:49 1999

The REAL "Good Thing!"

I'm sorry, but I love Martha Stewart. I could almost be obsessed with the woman. If I had any free time I'd stalk her.

From: Trix (none)
Date: Thu Dec 31 23:27:25 1998


nice web site, I hate that fucking whore. Love anything that degrades her. Do you have any Martha nudes? they would be a good thing!

From: Dave (hunterds@cadvision.com)
Date: Sun Dec 27 16:07:32 1998

Let's go martha Bashing.....fa la la la la =Very funny site glad I was browsing Martha info for Mom...sorry she is a Martha wannabee though.

Also found a site with a boxing game where you pick opponents ( of course I picked Martha...it is fun cause you punch her and she gets black eyes, loses teeth and gets a bloody nose and cries if you win).

Ciao for now and thanks.

From: Brian Wilson (tim@gator.net)
Date: Sun Dec 20 15:39:17 1998 =Martha and Monica

Great site. I have to wonder... can Martha offer any suggestions on removing old stains and can Monica offer why she waited so long to go to the dry cleaners? Perhaps the two of them can reply personally between book sigings and testimony. Keep up the hilarious site.

From: miranda (dlfn78510@aol.com)
Date: Tue Dec 15 23:10:08 1998

martha,(who elce?)

i hate martha, she sux! thank you for your site...i laughed sooo hard... (fill in the blank...)thanx!

From: serena lynne (serenalynne@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 11 19:46:53 1998

Martha Stewart Vs. B.Smith

Would love to see a battle between these two titians! Both of them so organized, creative, and somewhat smug & supercilious. YIKES!






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