Actual Headlines - You just can't make up stuff like this!
Martha Liberty
Martha Stewart: In The News


Martha Stewart: Headline News

Martha Stewart makes huge headlines all over the media these days.
Just a few of Martha Stewart's lesser promoted news bytes follow. Enjoy!

Martha Stewart Achieves
Official Status as American Icon
  Martha Stewart Adds
Herself to Mt. Rushmore During
Recent Broadcast of
"Martha Stewart Living"

  Mt. Martha Stewart  
  USA Liberty?
  Martha Stewart Okays Plans for
Latest Facelift to Statue of Liberty
  Martha Stewart Adds
Her Special Little Touches to
Latest US Currency Revision
  Martha Stewart: Real $3-bill  

Martha Stewart Named Official Spokes-Person
For National Watermelon Board
  Melon head   (Looks like something
finally shut her up...)

Martha Stewart Recently Linked with Fabio
  Martha commented,
"I Just Can't Believe
It's Not 'Better.'"
  Martha Linked Fabio  

Busta Rhymes Dedicates
Newest Rap to Martha Stewart
  Martha Rhymes   "I got Martha Stewart's name in my Rolodex.
Woo hah! Got you all in check /

We weed the garden, then we go have sex.
Woo hah! Got you all in check /

I season the pesto while she holds the Tec.
W00 hah! Got you all in check /

We put basil on our blunts in the back of my Lex.
Woo hah! Got you all in check."

Martha Stewart Dubs Herself "Wasabi Spice"
in Futile Attempt to Save Spice Girls
  Martha Stewart 
Newest Spice Girl: Wasabi Spice  

More Headlines from
MrsMegaByte's Martha Stewart Archives...

Martha Stewart First to Censure
President Bill Clinton

Bill's SaxBill's Cookin' w/MarthaGo Martha!
Martha Stewart "Does Lunch" with Bill Clinton
(Click for the indepth report)


Martha Stewart Revealed as Head Juror
at Seinfeld Series Finale Trial
  Martha offs Seinfeld  

After all, could any media phenomenon
really be bigger than Martha Stewart?

You be the judge...





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Martha Stewart


There's much, much more where this came from!
Check out some of Martha Stewart's other zaniness

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