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Martha Stewart: Advice

Ask Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart loves to give advice on every conceivable subject.
Do you think that you're ugly, clumsy, and tongue-tied in social situations?
Would you rather be just ugly and clumsy?
Then let Martha Stewart, a big Humphrey Bogart fan, help you!

 Just enter a few magic words and the great Martha Stewart will help you out. 
An animal 
(e.g. lion)
An action word 
(e.g. running, laughing)
A vegetable, plural 
(e.g. carrots)
Description of a quality 
(e.g. noble, sadistic)
A part of the body 
(e.g. nose)
Some time in the future 
(e.g. tomorrow night, Saturday morning)
An adjective 
(e.g. happy, hungry)
Phrase describing an object 
(e.g. box of matches, pack of cards)
A noun, plural 
(e.g. sausages)


In what area of your life do you need Martha Stewart's (Bogie's) help? 

Relationships: I want a farewell speech. 

Money: I'm turning down an offer. 

Business: My employees are not working hard enough. 

Romance: I want to ask that special person out on a date. 

Crime Detection: I'm a private detective and the woman I love
has killed my partner and I want to turn her in to the police. 


Martha Stewart


There's much, much more where this came from!
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