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Bill's pillows
Martha Stewart: Luncheons


Martha Stewart Does Lunch with Bill Clinton
- Martha Stewart's Luncheon Faux Pas -

Martha Stewart's personal Presidential de-briefing follows. Enjoy!

Bill cooks w/Martha

  "Think of the great following Martha has throughout the country - There's no telling how she's broadened my base today," President Bill Clinton said at the luncheon.  

Martha Stewart, role model for billions of Americans,
had become the first to censure President Clinton.


The sixth-season premier of Martha Stewart's daily television show, "Martha Stewart Living," was to have been devoted entirely to a luncheon date with Bill Clinton.


Bill plays with his instrument


"After reflection on subsequent events... We feel that airing the program would be inappropriate at this time."

What a crowning jewel that get-together must have been!


  Executives at
"Martha Stewart Living"
decided to scrub the broadcast rather than air the 30-minute television show detailing...
  Bill & Martha in rose garden  

"Down Home"
Martha Stewart-style entertainment for
President Clinton.


  The afternoon affair included an all-American meal complete with wild stallion, Martha cheesecake, pizza-to-go, green Jell-O, and an after dining dance and cigar.   Bill and Martha Dance  

"The president ate with gusto," Stewart later mentioned.

(Clinton's comments)


The cancelled broadcast also featured a
present Martha Stewart made for the president:


A monogrammed set of bedroom pillows.

(No kidding! You just can't make up stuff like this.)

  Martha w/Bill's pillow  

"I'm sure he'll enjoy using these," Martha said as she posed with a pillow for the camera.

(Little did she know at the time...)


Bill Clinton and Martha Stewart
The famous Hug
ended the perfect afternoon affair with the trademark hug.




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Martha Stewart


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