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MrsMegaByte's House Warming Party
With guest of horror - Martha Stewart is about to begin. Enjoy!

  As Martha Stewart's dearest friends and fans started streaming into MrsMegaByte's house party, we noticed several new folks in the crowd. Great! What a perfect opportunity to meet and greet Martha Stewart's new neighbors from Nutley, NJ. Seems fitting?  

Mrs. Jones




Mr. Jones



  We all soon realized that it would be frightfully difficult to keep up with the Jones' who cordially brought along a substantial sample of their hearty home brew, as well as their brother-in-law Bob Johnson, a real party animal. With the arrival of roughly forty or fifty familiar faces, the fabulous fiesta feverishly grew into quite the fantastic and flamboyant affair.  

But where was our guest of horror, Martha Stewart?


Martha Stewart politely phoned, explaining that she had just finished preparing more delectable, last-minute extra-special goodies for the party.

Yum! We could hardly wait?

  Martha's Jell-O Recipe  

Fortunately, our fashionably late guest of horror finally appeared in the front foyer.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let's have a warm western welcome for everybody's best bud, the guru to the gourmand, that darling domestic diva, the queen of culinary cooking, that hostess with the most-est, the one and the only...

Martha Stewart!

  Martha's goodies


Demonstrating impeccably magnificent manners, her savvy insight into the hottest party trends, and a frightful flair for gratifying gourmet taste buds, Martha Stewart graciously and generously brought along a large and lovely lime molded


  green jello
Eerie Green Jell-O

Martha Stewart proudly proclaimed, "This recipe is the essence of my newest philosophy. Ingeniously, I call it enlightened cooking. This dish is both hearty and satisfying: just the kind of food I crave at any time of the year. It's a grown-up but low-fat version of milk and cookies."



Martha Stewart continued to amaze everyone as she danced and played her ukulele.

Uke Solo
Click Martha
Hula and Uke Solo
  Many of the groovy party guests were so moved by Martha's perky party spirit that they too, eagerly tried to emulate Martha Stewart's swingin' stylish technique on the dance floor.
  Mick Jagger Robot

Little did we know then.
YIKES! The Martha Stewart party parody continues...

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Martha Stewart


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