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 Green Jell-O

Martha Stewart: Living

MrsMegaByte's House Warming Party
MrsMegaByte's brutally bombastic bash with guest of horror, Martha Stewart continues. Enjoy!

Martha Stewart's visit was just perfectly lovely!


The party goers were all absolutely stunned by Martha's impromptu hula and ukelele solo. But best of all, her jiggly green Jell-O really stirred something in the crowd.

Martha Stewart was accompanied by her current beau, whom she would only refer to as "B" (for BUFF... or BIFF... or maybe even BOFFO, as we all had surmised).


Stewart Mr. Bean Mr. Bean Mr. Bean

Martha's Date:




Quite unexpectedly, a bus-load of Martha Stewart groupies, who lovingly refer to themselves as "Stewies"
dropped by for a little bite ofGreen Jell-Oand a rowdy night of R&R.
GroupieMartha plays poker with dogs+
The joint was certainly a-smokin', and so was madcap Martha Stewart.


Unfortunately, there simply wasn't enough of Martha Stewart's very special recipe for
green jello
Eerie Green Jell-O
to satisfy the hungry hordes.
The crowd had become crazed, dancing in a conga line, continuously chanting:
Green, Green, Green, Green, Green Jell-O

The horror continued... Very scary, indeed!
Martha noticed that several of her closest cousins were winking and smiling at her prized dog. Martha's Dog Naturally, Martha Stewart's dog sensed that something wasn't quite kosher. Martha Stewart Fortunately for Martha's Chow Chow, a seat opened at the poker table, allowing Martha's dog true anonymity. Stewart's Chow

Martha Stewart had a brain-storm!

Oh Boy!

Martha realized that she had a generous stash of party goodies in the trunk of her car.

It must be time for one of those infamous Martha Stewart trendy theme dinners! We could only begin to imagine the endless possibilities? EEK!


In a moment of robust merrymaking, Martha Stewart proudly reveled onward in rare form.

Martha's lamp shade "I be
And I be

But Martha Stewart's groupies boldly expressed their enthusiastic approval for
Martha's home-grown stash with an even more frantic, chaotic, and boisterous chorus of:
Green, Green, Green. Jell-O, Jell-O, Jell-O

The Greened had spoken.

Horrors! Little did we know even then...
If you dare to know more about Martha Stewart's recipe for fun:

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Martha Stewart


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