Martha Stewart Green Jell-O Testimonials...
Jell-O Testimonials


"I Laughed So Hard... Milk Blew Out My Nose"
At least it wasn't that eerie green Jell-O graciously provided by Martha Stewart!

Check out what else everyone's saying about that zany party guest,
Martha Stewart and her recipe for fun.

  Martha Stewart: Party Animal
Martha Stewart

"Three words: Bring green Jell-O. It's a good thing. I did, and look how much fun we had at Mrs. MegaByte's madcap party!

Next time I drop in... How to remove those unsightly green spots from white carpeting. No offense!"

  Alex and Eddie Van Halen
Van Halen: Milk Ad

"Of all the lead singers we've had, most couldn't play a ukulele. Typical. But not for Martha Stewart, because every time she gets ready to hula, she eats green Jell-O.

Martha Stewart's all-time best solo: at Mrs. MegaByte's party!"


  New Millenium Martha
Buffy: Milk Ad

"Revealing outfits and the un-dead. What else can't the crazed party goers at MrsMegaByte's party get enough of? Martha Stewart & green Jell-O, that's what.

I just howled when Martha Stewart stuck her neck out to reveal her party paraphernalia."

  Detective Sipowicz, Sir
Detective Sipowicz

"Turns out dat roughing up punks ain't necessary at dat house party. On account of most punks don't care much for green Jell-O or Martha Stewart either.

You punks could learn somethin' from Martha Stewart. Don't make me tell you dat again!"


  John Elway: #1 Fan
of MrsMegaByte's Party

Milk ad: John Elway

"I was discouraged after my first two attempts. And depresssed after my third.

But on my fourth try, I finally did it. I ate Martha Stewart's green Jell-O at Mrs. MegaByte's house warming party.

Let's just say I really hate to be rushed!"

  Paul Schaffer:
Stewart's in My Top 10

Milk ad: Paul Schaffer

"Where's a hip party? Let me lay some lyrics on you, man:

Hey, Mrs. MegaB's fete. It's nutty, it's too neat. Get your green Jell-O with a koo-koo beat. It's a swingin' Martha Stewart treat.

Martha Stewart, oh yeah!"


  The Martha Stewarts'
of the '70's

Milk ads: TV Moms

"Don't play ball in the house. Go to your room.

Here's another all-time great mom line: Eat your green Jell-O.

Unlike hairdos, Martha Stewart's fusion-style
cuisine will always be in style. So, sample some green Jell-O at Mrs. MegaByte's.


  Elvis Sighted in:
Oz, Metropolis, Atlantis...

Elvis Impersonators

"There's a ton of sightings out there, baby. So anytime ya see me, just ask about the original rockin' time I had over at Miss MegaByte's shakin' shindig.

Cause 'lil mama, Martha Stewart sure moves some pelvis in her uke and hula solo!

Thank you very much."


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Green Jell-O

Martha Stewart


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