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Dream on, Martha Stewart!
MrsMegaByte's all-night party with house guest of horror Martha Stewart continues. Enjoy!

Martha Stewart - Where DID she come from, anyway?

Martha's Stewart's most curious dreams continued...

  For a brief moment, Martha Stewart recaptured her past innocence as a mere babe. ---> Baby Martha   Site exclusive! Martha Stewart's first photograph: her pre-natal ultrasound image. Apparently, Martha's mother was quite fond of a little escargot. ---> escargot  

The dreams progressed at warp speed with more vivid
surrealistic flashes of Martha Stewart's nostalgic lost youth.

Stewart-Class Enterprise
Could this explain Martha Stewart's meteoric rise to stardom?

Ensign Martha Stewart   Stellar Romance   7 of Stewart
Young Space Cadet
Martha Stewart
  Ensign M. Stewart
Stardate 32.1964.7
  7 of Stewart
The Living Omnimedia


Martha Stewart's serene dreams once again shifted dramatically.

After all, Martha Stewart is really pretty darned down-to-earth.   Planet Stewart   For the complete interstellar travels of Martha Stewart, be sure to beam into Martha's Galactic Tribute to Star Trek.

Back to the present. Back to the here-and-now. Back to MrsMegaByte's party.

Back to that green Jell-O. Martha Stewart at Statue of Liberty Andjell-oMartha Stewart was!

Zounds! And you thought you'd seen it all...
If you dare to party on with our galactic guest of horror:

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Martha Stewart


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Quark & Martha

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