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Martha Stewart: Living

Martha Stewart Faces Crazed Carnivorous Crowd
MrsMegaByte's party saga with guest of horror Martha Stewart continues. Enjoy!

Martha Stewart's tranquil dreams were interrupted.

As Martha abruptly awakened...

she remembered that the cantankerous

Martha Stewart's Eyes still hadn't had a single bite of anything

Although quite some time had passed, Martha Stewart was STILL on hold. Imagine that!

Martha Stewart was disappointed that her call was routed to voice-mail hell, but Martha Stewart never despaired.


After all, SHE was Martha Stewart.

Before facing the cantankerous crowd,
Martha Stewart thoughtfully took the time to:

carefully freshen her makeup

cats makeup   Mask Leather add those festive touches to her stunning evening attire







and thoroughly examine the endless entertaining possibilities.


Martha's glasses

"It's a good thing!"




Martha Stewart confidently walked into the wreck-room to find
that the crazed, manic, party spirit was growing.

The greened were ever more ravenous. Plus they were everywhere - en force.
Martha's SpicesMartha's ex-husband
By now, that cantankerous crowd had gotten REALLY ugly!

fish Yum Gumby Martha Stewart & Bill Clinton

Bite me!

Feed me!

Hi-five me!

No caption required!

Just in the nick of time, Martha Stewart had yet another fantastic idea.
Whew! What a lucky break!

Martha Stewart remembered that MrsMegaByte's pantry had recently been restocked
in Martha's own "fusion" style of international cuisine.









  junk food  

But to poor Martha Stewart's dismay, there wasn't a single "wasabi" to be found.

What is a WASABI, anyway?


Martha Stewart never did panic - In fact, Martha Stewart remained as cool as a cucumber.
Martha Stewart never fails to amaze us!

Where does Martha Stewart get all of that divine inspiration?
Ask Martha's Crystal Ball 

  Martha Stewart claimed to be searching for something (was it her wasabi?) as she solemnly got down on her knees. prayer

Martha's eyes miraculously LIT up as she gazed upward and began to smile.

Then Martha softly whispered, "Yes! Thank You."


Fortunately for us all, Martha Stewart always knows JUST what to do!


Heavens! Little did we know even then...
If you dare to know more about Martha Stewart's party escapades:

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Martha Stewart


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