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Martha Stewart: Living

Our Hero Martha Stewart Saves the Day!
Although the ensuing minutes of the evening remained somewhat a dastardly disaster.

MrsMegaByte's epic party with that recipe for fun, Martha Stewart, continues. Enjoy!

Martha Stewart Survival Tips

  Martha Stewart calmly sat down with the boisterous bunch to offer yet one more entertaining solution to all of those perky party participants, who earlier in the evening, had eagerly and enthusiastically become greened  

"To add a little welcomed bit of color to even your dullest day: Plant grass seeds in wooden boxes, berry baskets, or in hydroponic growing systems - Two weeks in a warm and sunny spot will result in lovely grass." Groupie
Living Staff Meeting The crass crowd of party participants had become eerily silent, stoned-cold, and callous. But, Martha still claimed to be a real people person.

Martha Stewart was meticulously recording the minutes of the meeting,
when a rare and frightful faux pas occurred. Oops! Martha Stewart dropped her pencil.

  Bill Clinton's Garden   Just as Martha Stewart began to grope around on her hands and knees for that elusive pencil,
  Martha's current beau (the other BIG bad Mr.B) re-entered the scary scene. Mr. Bean Definitely detail oriented, Martha Stewart always noticed the little things.  

Geez, Martha. What about those greened Green Jell-O guzzling guests?

Martha's Inspiration


Martha Stewart's most creative inspirations and ingenious household tips often come from her keen observations of common occurrences: the changing seasons, our natural environment, hallowed holiday traditions, and even plain old day-to-day life.


It was finally high time for Martha Stewart to pull out her trusty and powerful thinking cap. thinking cap Bulb

"Yes! Wow! What an absolutely outstanding solution," Martha thought.

To Ask Martha Stewart's Advice on Romance, Business and More, Click the Light Bulb.

As the sun began to rise over the rock garden, Martha cleverly knew at last just how to save the day. Mt. Martha Stewart It had just dawned on her! Rock Garden


Martha Stewart had thoughtfully brought along some clever party paraphernalia that she had completely forgotten about until now. In fact, Martha Stewart had definitely been dedicatedly engrossed throughout the entire evening.


  The Ants   Martha Stewart hadn't even noticed that her Green Jell-O loving Aunt had trailed in.

Martha Stewart's Party Survivalist Kit


Martha Stewart finally remembered that a truly innovative emergency party survival kit had been packed away by this pair of party-goers previously in the evening. Martha Stewart hustled outside to her Suburban, then swiftly flung the rear door open.


  Martha   As she flailed her arms in the air, Martha Stewart revealed quite a surprisingly large chest.  

To everyone's surprise and culinary delight,
it turned out that the cooler in Martha Stewart's car contained:

Edible Party Hats!  

Jell-O hatartichoke

  Mostly GREEN with
a little bite of RED

That was precisely the moment when Martha Stewart knew that her job here was finally finished!


And ... The Moral of This Story:

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Martha Stewart


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