The Martha Stewart Party Parody Collection...
Big Martha

Martha Stewart: Living

And the Moral of This Story...
MrsMegaByte's frightful green Jell-O party with guest of horror Martha Stewart finally concludes. Enjoy!

Martha gets back to the BIG business of being Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart certainly survived the shindig in her superior Stewart style.

Thankfully the green
party goers also survived
Martha's Green Jell-O recipe
Martha Stewart paints   although MrsMegaByte's
new white carpeting will
never again be quite the same.

  Martha Stewart, America's favorite multi-tasking multimedia mogul, mainly comes to mind with regards to her happenin' home and hearth improvement ideas.  

bill stewhula stew   However, Martha Stewart's dearest dedicated devotees, fans, and groupies, lovingly referred to as the Stewies, don't always readily realize that...   space stew

...MrsMegaByte's gracious guest, that guru of green Jell-O, Martha Stewart is surely a good sport-

with a truly sophisticated sense of humor.

  Mona Martha  
  Martha's chain saw   Always having an hilarious party joke or a witty and timely party prank,  
  Martha Stewart quite appropriately got in one more quickie-but-goody just before bashfully bowing out through the back door.   famous hug  

  lawn mower   As Martha Stewart gracefully exited MrsMegaByte's zany house warming party...  

she left her adoring fans with an uncanny view of one heck of a spectacular moon.
Planet Martha Stewart
  Yikes! Even though we'd all spent an entire evening with our frightful guest of horror, Martha Stewart, none of the guests were quite prepared for that particular grand finale!  

The entertaining evening had been a complete blast!
M CraftM. Borg   Det., sir - For everyone at 'dat MrsMegaByte's party,

  as well as Martha Stewart and her enduring entourage.   Martha Stewart Spice  

As Martha Stewart finally departed this memorable mega-affair,
Martha simply couldn't help herself as she lip-synched along to her favorite party tunes.
Martha's pie
Click Martha Stewart's Lips to Rock 'n Roll.

  Martha Stewart softly serenaded us all as she reminisced about the swingin' house warming party. Back to those grandiose thoughts of...  

Globs of gooey gastronomic
 Green Jell-0




Gads of the groovin'

Now, it's FINALLY time to
get back to the REAL business of being Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart. $3-Bill
Back to only the glorious thoughts of that All-American

the end 
You lasted 'til the bitter end of MrsMegaByte's party parody with guest of horror Martha Stewart.


Mercy! I'd Sure Like to See That Party Photo Album!

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Martha Stewart


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