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"Joliet Jake had a vision and he clung to it, thanks in part to 'Sister Mary Martha Stigmata.' Today this all-knowing saintly woman is also known as Martha Stewart.

Martha wasn't always the accomplished chef that she is today - In fact, Jake and I ate many a Rubber Biscuit prepared by Martha Stewart back at the orphanage. Martha's first job after leaving the order was at Chez Paul as a mere cocktail waitress. Martha was always such a kidder, often calling Paul 'Soul Man.'

After her speedy promotion, Martha Stewart asked the band to refer to her only as 'Hey, Bartender.' But, Jake and I will fondly always remember her first as Sister StigMartha!"

- Elwood Blues


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Martha Stewie

The Stewies share their favorite Martha Stewart tips and reminisce about Martha!
Martha Stewart discusses her dearly beloved fans, the Stewies...
Then, Martha Stewart discloses her newest business venture. Enjoy!

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