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Check out these really wacky Martha Stewart parody sites!

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Whether you're a fervent fan or a ferocious foe of Martha Stewart,
you'll find the zaniest Martha Stewart parody sites (on this planet anyway) listed here!

The first site is, of course, MrsMegaByte's very own Martha Stewart humor site.
 Martha Stewart Paints

5 stars Ultimate Martha Stewart Collection 5 stars

For even more hilarious fun with Martha Stewart,
check out some of these other zany Martha Stewart satire sites:

Talking Head Animations - Martha Stewart 5 stars
satire at its best

Gene Simmons Celebrity Bedrooms Featuring Martha Stewart 5 stars
an unbelievable visual sight gag

Martha Stewart Revenge Page 5 stars

MarthaBot is Cooking Burgers 5 stars

Ways to Kill Martha Stewart 5 stars
double YIKES

Gothic Martha Stewart 5 stars
a gem for Goths or for those curious about their teenage Goth's behavior

5 star NEW 5 star

Be sure to check out these new Martha Stewart sites:
Sites added August 7, 2001

No Martha Stewart
Site sells "I'm not Martha" aprons and gear

Martha Stuard's: Living with Y2K
market a video which satirizes what she might have done on New Year's Eve

"Screw Martha Stewart" Bumper Sticker
a popular item around Westport, CT

Martha Stewart
The Other Side of Martha Stewart 4 stars

Punch Martha Stewart 4 stars
a bit of Shockwave venting for those with a Martha Stewart gripe

MSD: Martha Stewart's Disease 4 stars
at last, it has a name

Nan's Take on Martha Stewart 4 stars
have mercy!

hmm... must have somehow missed that headline?

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Celebrity Horoscopes - Martha Stewart 3 stars
this really explains A LOT!

Martha Stewart Celebrity Belch Page 3 stars
another memorable visual that includes sound

Tips - Martha Stewart Style 3 stars
unusual, even for her Martha-ness

Martha Stewart Disease
3 stars
the original web version

Martha Stewart More Weightless Than Before 3 stars

Unreal Sites - Martha Stewart 3 stars
pick the real Martha Stewart site from a bunch of fakes

Is Martha Stewart A Clone? 3 stars
editorial satire

Martha Stewart Joins Bidding for MCI 3 stars
geez. what's next?

It's a Good Thing, Sort of 3 stars
about sums it up?

The Woman Knows Everything 3 stars
...about sums it up...

"I was arrested by Martha Stewart!" One man's tale of Living terror 3 stars

Martha Stewart Standoff 3 stars
double YIKES

It's a Good Thing- I had some fresh fennel lying around here somewhere,
but I seem to have misplaced it.
3 stars
have mercy!

CALL FOR PAPERS: Martha Stewart Studies 3 stars
not a joke or parody- no kidding! ligitimate web posting regarding the study of Martha Stewart?
(MrsMegaByte's site was studied and written about by many Ph.D candidates... huh?)

Martha Stewart's Drunk Ideas 3 stars

Martha Stewart Holiday Calendar 3 stars
another MrsMegaByte fanclub member

Martha Stewart Does Christmas 3 stars
the Martha version of the Ten Days of Christmas carol

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Y2K Meets Martha Stewart 2 stars

Why You Want Martha Stewart to Succeed on the Web 2 stars
figures ?
Martha Stewart is a Beech 2 stars

Top Ten Revelations In The New Book About Martha Stewart... 2 stars
oh, man

Clinton to Martha Stewart: "Eat me! Eat me!" 2 stars
...not what you might think...
Spicey Martha Stewart
Martha's the subject of some cutting humor in latest parody 2 stars

Web Extra - Martha Stewart 2 stars

Coping with the Martha Millennium 2 stars

Martha Stewart Loathing / Bad Things: Ode to Martha Stewart 2 stars
 Baby Martha 
Martha Stewart on Crack 2 stars
again, might help to explain some of the more complicated craft segments?

A Peek Inside Martha Stewart Martha's Spring Calendar 2 stars
this one "rocks"

A Peek Inside Martha Stewart's Calendar 2 stars
Yep. Another.

Open Letter to Martha Stewart 2 stars

A Letter from Martha Stewart 2 stars

(Another) Letter From Martha Stewart 2 stars

  David Letterman

Top 15 Reasons You're Being Stalked by Martha Stewart 2 stars

The Top 10 Signs You're Being Stalked by Martha Stewart 2 stars

How Do You Know if You're a Martha Stewart Drop-Out? 1 star

Not Exactly Martha Stewart's Kitchen 1 star

Martha Stewart's To - Do List 1 star

Domestic Doyenne or Goddess of Greed? 1 star

Musings on Martha 1 star

Unofficial Martha Stewart Web Guide 1 star
Is this a Martha Stewart devotion page, or what? dunno?

DykeDiva's Martha Stewart 1 star
OUCH. But, the web is free-speech.

3 Stooges vs. Martha Stewart 1 star
Love the title. - not much substance, though.

Martha Stewart is Evil 1 star
Again... the web is free-speech.

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The following sites are truly hilarious:
(but only remotely related to Martha Stewart)

Old Maid 5 star
One very cool ol' hoot of a site!

Diary of a Mad PI Cook aka: Queen Can-ivore 5 star
MrsMegaByte's been seated on the International Advisory Board as "Co-Defendant." Yikes!

Welcome Young Housewives! 5 star
YIKES! 5 star
Yes, there is plenty of weird stuff on the net!

The Jokester 4 Star
a quality humor site

Find the SPAM 3 stars
Martha Stewart's hobby?

Kick Granny 3 stars
assorted jokes and joking

Safehouse Beautiful... There Goes the Neighborhood 3 stars
if you missed this in the regular news...

Polisat's PETA Page 2 stars
sounds about right!

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