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Martha in the Morning

Martha Stewart in BedMartha

  Martha Stewart rises before the sun, well-rested and ultra-perky at 3:30 am. But, the fact is that no one has ever seen Martha Stewart sleep ... except possibly during some of her more confusing television segments?  
  Martha Stewart's Junk Food  

Martha Stewart always begins her day with a hearty power-packing breakfast ala her own distinctive, personal favorite, Fusion-Style of International Cuisine.

Recipe Hint:
The secret recipe follows...






  apple + drugs + pepper + peanut = Yikes  

Did You Know ...

The recipe above also
doubles as Martha Stewart's
secret recipe for her
Green Jell-O.


This Typical Martha-Powered Morning Continues...

  Martha Stewart's
Morning Workout:
  pumpingMartha pumped   Now fully charged,
Martha Stewart begins her daily morning power ritual.

  Martha Stewart's thoughts intently focus upon attending to her foul menagerie of backyard chickens....   Chain sawMartha's lawn mower   Martha Stewart, pictured while a free-range chicken or two tried to escape her "Everyday Collection."  

Note: Everything pictured above took place before 5:00 am.)

Martha Stewart's High-Energy Day Goes On
... and on and on and on ...

  There was so
much, much more
that Martha
had hoped to
before "actually"
Going To Work.

But, Martha simply hadn't had the time to:

Upholster the toilet in the guest bathroom

Vulcanize enough rubber for a new set of snow tires

Quarry enough marble slabs to re-pave her driveway

Wallpaper the garage

Place ribbon-tied potpourri bundles in the barn

Finish knitting a new ergonomic couch

Mine next week's cache of kryptonite and dilithium crystals

Re-shoe her zebras and milk her yaks

Plant a new crop of Wasabi

Iron her kitchen counters and starch her underwear


  However, Martha Stewart
was relieved that she
did have just enough time
to teach her beloved
cats a new trick or two.
  Martha's new cat tricks  
  Busy Martha  

Fortunately for us all, Martha Stewart's savvy agent knew that Martha was running particularly late to the televison studio for today's taping of "Living." So, he took control of the matter in the only effective fashion possible...

(Notice Martha's newest, younger-looking hair style.)


Finally, It's Show Time!

  Today's Red-Hot
Cooking TV Segment:

Martha Stewart whipped up quite a
Private Luncheon for President Bill Clinton along with a really cookin' interview followed by a smokin' presidential de-briefing.
  Martha's special touches   Executives at "Martha Stewart Living" decided to scrub the broadcast, rather than air the historical television moment detailing "down-home" Martha Stewart-style entertainment.

Is this what you call a "Blooper," Martha Stewart?


But, The Show Must Go On...
Martha Stewart's Daily Pet Care Segment:


Again, Martha Stewart enthralled
her audience with the most useful
and practical tips on every
conceivable subject imaginable.

But Martha, you lost some of us on this one?

At least, we know not to try this at home....

  pet care tips  

Martha Stewart: Home Again
(Hey, doesn't that slogan belong to some other handy TV guru?)

  Real Martha Stewart  

After yet another typically ultra-productive day, Martha Stewart returned home to her usual evening routine ...

A quiet introspective evening at home, entertaining her closet friends ala the most current Martha Stewart fashion!





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