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MrsMegaByte thoroughly enjoys hearing from you! Following are actual guest book entries from MrsMegaByte's second guest book. If you'd like to leave your mark, please SIGN the current guest book. Thanks!

Name: Aunt Beatrice, the nun
E-Mail: strbeatrice_AT_str_DoT_net_DoT_org
City/State/Country: Des Moines, Iowa
Date: Sat Oct 23 03:07:00 1999
How you found us: Search Engine

Wrote... Matha Stewart's got more money than you'll ever have. You are mean and you dont know no better.YOu better watch your mouth or else she is gonna sue you.

Name: Dawn Eberley
E-Mail: dawnee_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Lincoln United States
Date: Sat Oct 23 02:59:09 1999
How you found us: Attended a Green Jell-O Symposium in Nutley, NJ

Wrote... Are u sure that is a big enough slab of watermelon to shut her up? I think that ou ought to shove a whole one right up her.......

Name: benthardunthat
E-Mail: benthard_AT_msn_DoT_com
City/State/Country: NY USA
Date: Sat Oct 23 02:52:06 1999
How you found us: Word of mouth

Wrote... My girlfriend hates Martha. I like the idea of having a home cooked meal every night that I didn't have to make. And I like the idea of having the apartment clean and decorated, since I don't have to do it. THanks a million, Martha Stewart!

Name: psiphi
E-Mail: fratthouse_AT_iname_DoT_com
City/State/Country: berkeley, man usa
Home Page:
Date: Sat Oct 23 02:44:53 1999
How you found us: Scotty beamed me in

Wrote... Whoa... Had no idea that Martha Stewart had a love child with Captain Kirk! How can that be? No man at his house would touch her-- Not even on a bet. Tried out one of your jell-o shots recipes last weekend. Best ever. Keep up the good work!

Name: sweetpea21
E-Mail: sweetpea21_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State/Country: AK USA
Date: Sat Oct 23 02:26:31 1999
How you found us: A link someplace

Wrote... Martha Stewart is flat out a nut. And you are just plain crazy. I believe that I prefer the latter. Thanks for the reality check!

Name: Tiffany Grundy
E-Mail: tiffer_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Nutley, NJ US
Date: Sat Oct 23 02:22:48 1999
How you found us: Referred by Ripley's Believe It or Not

Wrote... I like your site better than Martha Stewart's Living site. At least here you can sign a guest book and find an email address without having to "sign in" first. What kind of data do you think Martha Stewart is trying to gather about everyone who tries to use that goofy site? Plus, I liked the old site better! Mrsmegabyte, thanks for the laffs and keep up the good work!!!

Name: Kayrn Blood
E-Mail: missmufet_AT_prodigy_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Jackson Michigan USA
Date: Fri Oct 22 11:39:29 1999
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!

Wrote... Please let me know if its possible to get wallpaper border to match the blue/green/burgandy plaid comforter I bought. Thank you.






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