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MrsMegaByte thoroughly enjoys hearing from you! Following are actual guest book entries from MrsMegaByte's second guest book. If you'd like to leave your mark, please SIGN the current guest book. Thanks!

Name: Mikayla
E-Mail: City/State/Country: Dallas TX USA
Date: Thu Jan 13 14:17:38 2000
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!

Wrote... I suspect this is one of the strangest sites I have had the extreme pleasure to visit. Thank you for the laughs, I have forwarded this URL to all my friends.

Name: Sue Gonzalez
E-Mail: capitalvest_AT_earthlink_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Brea, CA USA
Date: Wed Jan 12 21:56:19 2000
How you found us: A link someplace

Wrote... FUNNY!!!! Mrs. Megabytes will now be my browser's default page.

Name: Sam Posey
E-Mail: poseys3_AT_nehp_DoT_net
City/State/Country: New Hope,Alabama US
Date: Mon Jan 3 02:07:07 2000
How you found us: Other

Wrote... Hello, Martha, I would just like to see a picture of your chows. That is my favorite breed of dogs. Thanks

Name: Candy Kane (my parents fault)
E-Mail: candykane_AT_yahoo_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Norwood, MN USA
Date: Sun Dec 26 20:36:32 1999
How you found us: Referred by Ripley's Believe It or Not

Wrote... The entire USA has been over-dosed with holiday Martha and all of her boloney, and I'm not talking about her festive meat trays. Did you per chance see one of her recents shows where she placed finger foods over a "decorative" base of uncooked dry beans?

I wonder how many pea-brained hostesses had guests with broken teeth and dental work. Do you think that Martha Stewart also has secretly purchased a chain of Dental clinics? Thanks for the reality check. Just love your site!

Name: Reesa Kirschner
E-Mail: cherofoot_AT_netzero_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Auburn, California USA
Date: Sat Dec 25 19:26:24 1999
How you found us: By my best recollection, I don't remember

Wrote... Don't hate Martha just because she is smarter, richer and kinder than you. I respect anyone who can take what the good ole boys thought of as domestic work and make it into a billion dollar industry. GO MARTI.

Name: alice B. Toklas
E-Mail: rocketrans_AT_yahoo_DoT_com
City/State/Country: metlakatla,alaska usa
Home Page:
Date: Wed Dec 15 16:28:46 1999
How you found us: MrsMegaByte's Home is my default browser page

Wrote... The Jello Crown is the ultimate. Please do moreJello Martha Molds. Too cool, for sure.






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Martha Stewart


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