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Name: Pat
E-Mail: patism66_AT_netscape_DoT_net
City/State/Country: portland maine
Home Page:
Date: Wed Aug 9 16:17:01 2000 How you found us: Other

Wrote... Liked your site, and I can't stand Martha Stewart, but I like ohfat windbag, I mean Oprah Windfrey even less, you should do some stuff with her

Name: Mary Humphries
E-Mail: M2e2h2_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Ward, AR USA
Date: Fri Aug 4 23:40:37 2000
How you found us: Other

Wrote... Absolutely delightely. Poor martha makes me grit my teeth.........I am so glad to know others are aware of her... her......her.......well, YOU obviously know what I mean! Thanks for the great sie

Name: Leslie
E-Mail: banth_AT_home_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Armpit, NJ USA
Date: Tue Jul 18 14:18:48 2000

How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!

Wrote... The hula solo was dynamite. Martha is a woman of many talents! You know, I didn't see any sex tips on her "real" site, not even in the Honeymoon section. I guess she doesn't have time for that? There is no truth to the rumor that Martha Stewart takes ritalin to give her all that energy. What the hell is a pillow sham? And a duvet cover? And why do beds need skirts? It boggles the mind.

Name: ladymindy
E-Mail: jayne_AT_referencetable_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Spencerport, ny US
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jun 23 17:40:29 2000
How you found us: A link someplace

Wrote... I Surfed in from clicking a link on an awards page and WOW! This is wonderful! Just what I enjoy! I will be back for sure!

Name: brian
E-Mail: curator_AT_cyberhalides_DoT_com
City/State/Country: ACT Australia
Home Page:
Date: Tue Jun 20 12:04:38 2000
How you found us: Attended a Green Jell-O Symposium in Nutley, NJ

Wrote... What a great site! Such wit and pathos! Martha deserves no less.

Name: dawn
E-Mail: sillyme_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Blue Point/New York USA
Date: Fri Jun 16 02:39:04 2000

How you found us: Scotty beamed me in

Wrote... Jeri bought a green table from K-mart's Martha Stewart collection. She must now be made to suffer. She must suffer by seeing nothing but MARTHA MARTHA MARTHA






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Martha Stewart


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