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MrsMegaByte thoroughly enjoys hearing from you! Following are actual guest book entries from MrsMegaByte's first guest book - seriously. Even I couldn't make all of this stuff up. You'll notice that there are both positive and negative comments about this site and about Martha Stewart. This surely makes for some hilarious reading. If you'd like to leave your mark, please SIGN the current guest book. Thanks!

From: Tess (pjmartucci@aol.com)
Date: Sat May 13 19:20:55 2000

The fabulous party!

Great site, great party, great ideas. You've outdone yourself on this one. This site is absolutely hysterical. I'm actually a Martha fan & now a fan of this website, too. I haven't had this much fun at a party in years!!!???!!! ;=)

From: Melissa Harris
Date: Fri May 5 20:20:19 2000

Martha, I just wanted you to know I really liked every thing. It was funny and delightful.

From: Anne Sufak (asufak@neto.com)
Date: Sat Apr 29 15:16:41 2000

Marth, as gracious as ever

Dear Martha.
As you view this show, which I hope you do. I say: What a Great Sport you are.

Keep smiling Lovey.

From: Anne Sufak (asufak@neto.com)
Date: Sat Apr 29 15:04:38 2000

Afternoon relaxation......Green Jello and extra delights

Dear Martha,

I do so enjoy viewing the multiplicity of locations where you have so cogently included your Jello treats. But what would be Jello without the soft-stoking manner in which you create your sumptuous variety of afternoon cookies. No one but you can fill so many little glass cups with miniscual smidgeons of 435,912 pinches of spices, condiments, oils(olive, of course), sugar, butter(margarine browns up, you know), eggs whipped, beaten, separated or just scrunched in that big old mixing bowl.

Amazing how gracefully you turn, stir, fold or glop together those magic flavor bits into the proper form of flat dough or log to then be cut, shaped or poked, to be tenderly placed on that ubiquitous cookie sheet and placed behind your counter. Then what grace to watch you remove the prebaked item of the same malaise and offer to the camera the completed cookie of the day with the awesome breathless manner of one offering

From: Agatha (Sunsh08@aol.com)
Date: Tue Mar 28 16:31:30 2000

I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Magnificent job. My two favorite shows, Martha Stewart and Star Trek, love how you meshed them together like that. What hilarious parodies, you should take them to the Screen. :P

From: Lil G
Date: Tue Feb 1 16:51:36 2000

This website

This website is Off the Chazzain!!!!!It's so funny that I'm gonna tell all of my girls to come.Who knew this could be THIS funny

From: Terry (TMEEA@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 16 05:47:50 1999


I've decided that Martha Stewart should be my next wife. I've had really bad luck with brunettes and my therapist advises me to stay away from them. When I was 15 years old, I had my first girlfriend -- a blonde named Martha. What goes around comes around. I'm sure Martha and I will be very happy together.

From: Shamera Hairston (shamera @ shairsto)
Date: Tue Sep 28 18:39:20 1999

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is the coolest show that has ever been broadcasted. She is my role model. I want to be just like Martha. She is the Queen Bee.

From: ladeebugg1
Date: Sun Sep 26 01:42:34 1999 -

Part II from below!

Hmm...I wrote to much..oh well!

Here's where I left off:

One more thing...I'm really cracking up at the fact that some people seem to be offended by this collection! I have read some of the guestbook...how could anyone not find this terribly entertaining? And as for the one that said Martha could be any our mothers....WELL THANK THE GOOD LORD SHE ISN'T!!!

What a childhood that would be! Keep up the great work MrsMegaByte!

Casey...AKA...ladeebugg1, Tripod Funny Bone Poderator

P.S. Please excuse any and all typos my keyboard smokes crack. And yes people, I know...terrible is not spelled terribel.

From: ladeebugg1, Tripod Funny Bone Poderator (ladeebugg1@altavista.net)
Date: Sun Sep 26 01:39:09 1999

Dying Laughing!

Hi MrsMegaByte!!!

Just wanted to congratulate you on being selected as Best of Pod in the Tripod Funny Bone Pod!

Member pages such as yours are really what keep me doing this! I have laughed at this collection to the point of terribel pains in my sides.

I have always thought some of Miss Martha's stuff was neat....but I could picture this supposed angelic, decor-diva...being quite a bit different in person.

I believe it is possible that the woman is a real nymph...she's probably a very freaky woman if you catch my drift. You know, the kind that likes whips and chains and stuff. Imagine what that woman could do with hot wax and an ice cube!

Anyway...LOL.... Thanks for being a part of Tripod, and of the Funny Bone Pod.

One more thing...I'm really cracking up at the fact that some people seem to be offended by this collection! I have read some of the guestbook...how could anyone not find this terribly entertaining? And as for the one that said Martha could b

From: PeeWeeSm
Date: Tue Sep 21 20:12:18 1999

Jello Shots

Wow! THanks! Visited your site a while back and wondered why you didn't have Jello shooters recipes, considering that bizarre party. Had company and took 'em over to your site... Low and behold... A jello shot lover's collection of jello shooter recipes. Wow! This is the first time that I have know of where a site has been changed because of some suggestion athat I made! Thanks Mrs Megabyte.

From: ZC2K
Date: Sat Sep 18 19:28:01 1999

Your Martha Stuart website

You suck. Your website sucks. Get a life.

From: Alice (alcolorado@aol.com)
Date: Tue Sep 14 21:48:15 1999

Very funny stuff. You sure are clever.

From: NINA

From: S. 'Cookie' Bowens
Date: Tue Aug 31 15:32:42 1999

Madcap Martha Stewart

I am speechless. Oh my. I can't believe my eyes. Again, I am speechless. Please, keep up the good work!






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