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MrsMegaByte thoroughly enjoys hearing from you! Following are actual guest book entries from MrsMegaByte's second guest book. If you'd like to leave your mark, please SIGN the current guest book. Thanks!

Name: Wanda G. Boyd
E-Mail: Wandaboyd_AT_excite_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Los Angeles, CA 90019 USA
Home Page:
Date: Mon Dec 13 18:18:44 1999
How you found us: Other

Wrote... I was looking for MS product updates to put on my homepage. My comments: Kudos to Aunt Beatrice; to "One Ex-Living Employee"; What do you suffer from? Lack of appreciation. Whether you bought or used her products while work'g for her or after leav'g, if she does keep rats for pets you must've been one of them. There are a lot of low income people who can buy QUALITY (MS's products) in stores like K-Mart because of her.

My friends (most of them lawyers); I will entering law school in 1.5 yrs. buy MS's products, watch and tape her shows, have subscribed to her magazine and are fans. Remember, dur'g your employ w/her she was part of the reason you had food on your table, etc., and you sell her out like this to RBION(?) on such a personal matter? What would you have done if she had cancer?

To Enid Dunn-about her gaining weight and it being lonely at the top you must be referring to her stoic nature, granted, you say it must be lonely at the top. Why don't you go up there and see you might find a friend. You may be the very friend she is waiting for. AND NO NO NO NO I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF MARTHA STEWART OR AFFILIATED WITH HER IN ANY WAY. I CAN AND WILL PROVE IT.

Name: rishay
E-Mail: rishaysumm_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State/Country: wetumpka, al.
Date: Thu Dec 9 20:10:28 1999 How you found us: Word of mouth

Wrote... omg,,can't believe i finally found somewhere i can share my dislike of martha f.g. stewart....did her Christmas special gross you out or what??? Wonder how much she had to pay Aretha to make it appealling???? Well,,,gotta go bake my cookies...P.s. did you notice she didnt even give poor Aretha any ham and po-ta-tos????? the b....

Name: Ronald D. Ivy
E-Mail: wcoyote3_AT_rectec_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Grove, OK 74344 USA
Date: Thu Dec 9 02:00:49 1999 How you found us: Other


Name: J Marty White
E-Mail: jmarty_99_AT_yahoo_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Santa Ana, Calif. USA
Date: Wed Dec 8 02:40:31 1999
How you found us: Scotty beamed me in


Name: Sherry D.
City/State/Country: USA
Date: Tue Dec 7 19:58:37 1999
How you found us: By my best recollection, I don't remember

Wrote... Thought for awhile I was the only person left that she doesn't have under her spell! She is unbelievable!!! Like your site!!

Name: Bill
E-Mail: Bill_AT_mother_DoT_ltd_DoT_uk
City/State/Country: London England
Date: Tue Dec 7 11:37:58 1999
How you found us: Word of mouth

Wrote... Hello?

Name: Rick Dempski
E-Mail: dempski_AT_interactive_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Hackettstown, N.J. USA
Home Page:
Date: Mon Dec 6 16:29:43 1999
How you found us: Search Engine

Wrote... I am so glad that Martha has all her products in a store that seems to LOVE the people that work there. K-mart was OPEN FOR THANKSGIVING! WHAT NEXT CHRISTMAS? Sorry Martha why not put your products in a store that cares about their workers?

Name: Linda Grafton
E-Mail: lgrafton_AT_alltel_DoT_net
City/State/Country: Pinnale, NC USA
Date: Sat Dec 4 23:13:54 1999
How you found us: Search Engine

Wrote... Love her wreaths - can't make em, but love to look at the pictures in her book. Have one of her cookbooks - can't find half of the ingredients, but the pictures look appetizing. Envy her vegetable and herb gardens, I have a beautiful house on 5 acres of land, plenty of room for these gardens, but spend so much time working to pay for the house and land I have no time to tend them, so they become overgrown with weeds. Maybe I'll just stick to making green jello. That I can do! Anyway, keep up the good work Martha. You give us all something to shoot for.

Name: Cindy
E-Mail: Cindysmd_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State/Country: Westminster CO USA
Date: Sat Dec 4 03:32:10 1999
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!

Wrote... Very fun. IT's A GOOD THING!

Name: carol ann swoyer
E-Mail: 20wscs21_AT_prodigy_DoT_net
City/State/Country: stowe, pa. usa
Date: Thu Dec 2 20:11:43 1999
How you found us: Scotty beamed me in

Wrote... Love your page. Keep up the good work. There are no words to describe how I feel about Martha Stewart. Let's leave it at that!






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