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From: Beatrice Q. Schmidt (beatrice.schmidt@softhome.net)
Date: Sun Aug 2 07:54:23 1998

Martha and Philip Glass

Dear Mrs Megabyte

I think the one thing which is still lacking from your Martha site is a bit of high brow kulcha. I suggest you include a Martha and Philip Glass page. If you need to discover a little more about this great modern composer, and Mishima isn't enough, I suggest you buy "Glassworks" or "Solo Piano".

If you intend responding to this, I suggest you respond to my more usual gender non-reversed address, as this address gets very little traffic.

Your friend in drag


From: Hubert Andrea (Sundae3)
Date: Thu Jul 30 23:35:53 1998

Martha is groovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy.

I love martha she is my idol.She brightens and makes me happy. Its a good thing.

From: Lisa (Lisa_and_Carey@Yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jul 26 22:10:26 1998

Your site is awesome

I have to admit, I like Martha stewart, but that was the koolest thing I have read.

From: Lucy (yordofcats@webtv.net)
Date: Sun Jul 26 21:29:15 1998

Your Martha Stewart Parody

You spent a lot of time on this. My husband and I enjoyed it. We liked the audio,but wanted more!

From: The curator of that OTHER well and truly stewed web site (curator@cyberhalides.com)
Date: Mon Jul 13 23:22:13 1998

What is it with Green?

Dear Mrs Mb

Having exhaustively reviewed your site for the Curator's special "Featured Site of the Week Award" (http://www.cyberhalides.com/curator), which incidentally your site has just won, the judges had one unresolved question. We searched and searched and could not find any explanation of it anywhere on your site. It even caused a major split in the judging committee.

Perhaps you can help us by answering this question: WHAT IS IT WITH GREEN JELLO? Is it the export version of good ol' aussie aeroplane jelly, or is it a marketing tool of the lime green Canberra Raiders Rugby League team?

Is Martha a secret shareholder in either or both of these noble ventures? Life is full of these further little mysteries.

Regards on behalf of the judging panel

The Curator

From: stephanie caly
Date: Sat Jul 11 18:23:53 1998

Martha Stewart

You suck Martha.


Date: Sat Jul 4 23:16:30 1998


Why doesn't she sing?? We so wanted to hear her!! We still got a good laugh out of the hula, though!! Good work!

From: Kara
Date: Tue Jun 30 15:39:38 1998

Loved the page. Its punishment for Martha!

I can't stand Martha Stewart. When will she learn that her recipes just don't work!






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Martha Stewart


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