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From: ****************
Date: Thu Jun 25 14:34:08 1998

A better idea

Why waste time on Martha when you could make a page that goes against Hanson or Puff Daddy?

From: MrsMegaByte (mrsmegabyte@earthling.net)
Date: Wed Jun 10 01:18:25 1998


Nope, I'm not a deranged alien! This site is about a deranged alien, (Martha Stewart) though. ...Hope that answered your comment/question.

From: d (ff)
Date: Mon Jun 8 22:22:54 1998


you are a posessed alien!

From: Brian (brian@cyberhalides.com)
Date: Sun Jun 7 20:24:26 1998

who is martha stewart and what has she to do with my clones?

what a great site and such satirical creativity! i laughed so much my nose hairs curled. however, why is my clones page


listed in lycos as a top martha stewart site? I have never heard of her. I bet she has never heard of me? Life is full of these little mysteries.

From: Cookie
Date: Fri Jun 5 16:04:41 1998


What a site! What a sight! What a site! What a sight! ... I do believe that I will always picture Martha Stewart wearing green jello on her head or doing a hula, even when she's on tv doing her usual thing. Thanks so much for the candid perspective!

From: tiff (CaliLov4U@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 5 14:08:28 1998


my mom is a martha wanna-be and i get really annoyed by it but i know that she is havein' fun wit it i really liked your web page it is fun and interesting.

lov, tiff

From: nakia (lucykitty@webtv.net)
Date: Fri Jun 5 03:02:38 1998

martha smellfart

I think, No I know martha takes way too many happy pills!

From: letitia baldridge (funtinchas@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 3 18:42:08 1998

i will be serving up lime jello for weeks!

From: Boffster (Wooden_ships@Hotmail.com)
Date: Sun May 31 19:15:31 1998

Martha is a DOMINITRIX (it's a good thing)

Like the page but it is still a little tame . You should explore some of Martha's well known rants and rages (like her neighbor's gardener and her feud with her own gardener). Martha was a model before being a stockbroker... now that IS interesting!

From: A.Weirdo (jgreen@usit.net)
Date: Mon May 18 19:32:15 1998

Weird page!!!

And I thought MY page was weird...thank you for giving the web some much needed weirdness! And...that green jello scares me. I think its plotting to take over the world or something...

From: rita
Date: Sun May 17 16:31:26 1998

decorating with jello

a virtual realitybyte - edible art which washes

From: Jill (n9445414@cc.wwu.edu)
Date: Thu May 14 01:29:42 1998

Martha is a scary part of my life!!!!!!!!

My mom is a Martha-maniac. Martha magazines, receipes, and television shows, shower my house. I printed your lovely Martha pictures to mess with my mom's ideolistic Martha imagry. :)

From: Linda Hawkes (lindylee@webtv.net)
Date: Mon May 11 13:45:53 1998


The last 30 minutes have been thoroughly enjoyed by me..I'll come back to visit soon and bring some friends with me!

From: Yoda (uh...no)
Date: Wed May 6 21:44:43 1998


Wasabi is green Japanese horseradish that alot of people eat with California sushi (which is veggies and rice wrapped in seaweed). Don't know if they eat it with real sushi. Site was great. Loved it all, I'd like to see some more small masterpieces of dementia from you...until next time.

From: Jeffrey L. Smith
Date: Tue May 5 01:23:49 1998

Martha: Eat MrsMegaByte's Dust

Martha Stewart is a money-making machine. But if she got "real" - as portrayed at your site, there's no telling how HIGH she could get???

Man, that woman must be likin' "Crazy Glue" & airplane glue- There is no other explanation except $$$$$$$!






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Martha Stewart


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