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From: deyoka (@aol)
Date: Wed Sep 9 18:26:47 1998


Very enlightening in a lowbrow sort of way.Keep up the good work.

From: Tim (tappling@webtv.net)
Date: Mon Sep 7 21:43:37 1998

That Party Girl, Martha

Just finished knitting new sofa. Would love Martha to be here when I debut it at my next party.

From: Laney (Jubileecde@mindspring.com)
Date: Mon Sep 7 16:15:11 1998


Hey.....i was looking for some recipes by Martha and accidently stumbled upon this......I loved it...thanks for the laugh!!!!

From: joseph
Date: Thu Sep 3 23:16:16 1998


this site is wierd. i loves it.

From: Anna Nymous
Date: Thu Sep 3 22:01:47 1998

Oh That Martha Stewart!

I swear that woman is out of her mind. She must be ON something. I don't believe for one minute that even Prozac could possibly have that sort of affect, so it must be something else. "Crazy Glue" sure sounds more like it to me, but I suppose you've thought of that already!

From: Margaret Date: Thu Aug 27 10:33:32 1998

Martha Stewart

Cool sight but it would be really funny to see Martha in more precarious positions if you get my drift!

From: Eileen Hana Herbs (Hana-Herbs@webtv.net)
Date: Tue Aug 25 16:32:30 1998

New Food From Hawaii

Hana Herbs is the first to have Pohole (fern shoots) FDA approved for export to the mainland.

From: Martha Stewart, Jr. (Miltyme2)
Date: Thu Aug 20 12:27:37 1998

Martha, Martha, Martha....

You are out of control......someone's got to get a grip on you!!!LOL.....

Date: Mon Aug 17 22:54:38 1998



From: Toni
Date: Mon Aug 17 22:35:16 1998


From: Kristin Kenneavy (kkenneavy@ou.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 10 12:46:54 1998


Dear Mrs. Megabyte, lovely job with the site. let me be the first to say that I look forward to a day when Martha Stewart and her coverlets will burn in the eternal fires of hell. Thanks!

From: damalama (criscrt@penn.com)
Date: Sun Aug 9 12:47:51 1998


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. More. More. Excellant work.

Thank you for sharing. You have done a "Good Thing."






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Martha Stewart


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