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From: TuffBilly
Date: Fri Mar 20 04:35:25 1998

U R Demented

I like hearth, I like home, I LIKE the ladies! But, I'm NOT really fond of ladies that like anything green-'cause the greener is meaner. And the meaner is demeanor. Get it- U R 2 damned upity. The only reason that I came to this site was to appreciate the finer things of living. (I'm NOT GAY.) So, just shut up!

From: NOThanksTonight (Do NOT mail me!!!)
Date: Fri Mar 13 03:07:50 1998

You Are All Nutty Bastards

Your dorky site gave me chills. I hope it was just your goofy site-- If not, I must admit that I am a Hearth & Home-a-phobic, and I probabaly ought to just live in the streets. Parties like yours are for total nutcases. NOT REGULAR FOLKS LIKE ME..

From: Greeker
Date: Thu Mar 12 17:56:21 1998

Party Poopers

Couldn't help but notice that a large percentage of visitors don't seem to make it through to the end of your party. Hope those panty-wastes bookmarked your site, because the last pic of mighty Martha really says it all.

Also, who is that guy smoking the pipe? He looks mighty familiar.--like a nightmare I had a while back.

From: Sycotwo
Date: Tue Mar 10 15:48:43 1998

Forgot to mention...

There is one thing that I'd like to see at your next party: Jell-O shooters. It's amazing how a little Vodka can make any flavor of Jell-O, even green, a party delight.

From: Sycotwo
Date: Tue Mar 10 15:45:31 1998

Party On! =

I can remember a party or two like yours back in my college days. Thanks for the memories.

From: Irishqueen (Irishqueen@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 2 21:05:55 1998

YOur Deranged Page

I always hated that psycho bitch Martha....but after going to the party on your page, I don't mind her too much, she brought beer didn't she?? I still hate green jello though!!! Makes me wanna puke! ":^( I laughed so hard the peas that were in the green jello, shot out my nose, bounced off the beer keg, beaned my cat in the head and knocked it out cold.

First time in it's life, that damn cat hasn't tried to hump my leg.. Thanks a lot, and I thought my page was funny!! http://www.orla.simplenet.com

From: eddybbig
Date: Wed Feb 25 01:17:41 1998


I just don't get all of the hoopla over the the green and then the red? (I am color blind. -- Sometimes color blindness is a real advantage.) But, I did think your site was very funny, and I liked all of the photos of the Martha-nator.

From: Suney
Date: Tue Feb 17 14:55:31 1998

Miss Perfect Martha Stewart

Isn't that Martha Stewart just the most perfect woman in America??? I bet she makes cute little table centerpieces out of dryer lint. *shiver* The anticipation of what she'll do next is just almost more than I can bear! *NOT*

From: Bertha (Dumbo@mailo.com)
Date: Sun Feb 8 19:47:06 1998

Oh brother!

This is such a stupid webpage! Who do you think you are? Martha Stewart's best friend? Yeah right! She's going to hate you once she sets her eyes on this stupid crap! I wonder if she'll sue you! Ha! I'd like to see that!

From: Amy (None of your beezwax)
Date: Sun Feb 8 19:44:25 1998 =

how stupid!

Ha ha ha ha ha! This is the most dopey but funny web page I've ever seen! Where do you get these asinine ideas? Keep going! I'd like to see more!

From: Julia (I don't think so...)
Date: Thu Feb 5 02:41:02 1998

You are a weiner and so is your site.

So you and your freind, Martha Stewart think you know everything about how to have the best party of the century. Yeah--like Mick Jagger would go to your stupid party. It's more likely that your dumpy party would have a brain-dead guest like maybe-Keith Richards.

From: Rachel (No, I didn't spell my name wrong, my parents did) (Bite me)
Date: Thu Feb 5 00:56:03 1998

Ya Right?

Martha Stewart is an idol to SO many 15-year-olds. I'm SO sure that Martha Stewart would actually wear a lamp shade on her head! Or like anybody would dance in a Conga line. Right? I think I'll just cast a fat-spell on your @$$.

From: Elizabeth B. (none of your business)
Date: Thu Feb 5 00:41:43 1998


What the hell is a Wasabi, anyway? Is it some kind of secret code that only you and your demented friends know about? If you don't let the rest of us know soon, you'll be very, very sorry! I promise you that.

From: Zeb
Date: Thu Feb 5 00:33:05 1998

Star Trek

You know as well I do: Martha Stewart was never aboard the Enterprise, and was never a member of the Federation of Planets. How dare you include her with the likes of "Bones" & "Worf"?

From: Bob X
Date: Thu Feb 5 00:23:32 1998

BIG law suit

Great site. Lots of laughs. How soon do you think it wil be before Martha Stewart sues you?

From: Al (In Colorado@aol.com)
Date: Wed Feb 4 22:04:21 1998


The word "Demented" doesn't quite do your site justice! I laughed so hard that Pepsi came out of my nose.






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