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From: frogz101 (frogz101@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat May 2 20:22:25 1998

Martha vs. Mrs MegaByte

Maybe all this world needs is a few less Marthas and a few more Mrs MegaBytes. Thank you for restoring hope in our society.

From: Carrie Date: Fri Apr 24 23:45:49 1998

My fiancee keeps threatening to buy me a Martha Stewart book. Thank god there are other sane people on the planet! This website has restored my faith in humanity.

From: ICaterOne
Date: Fri Apr 24 22:38:51 1998

NUT Butter

Crazy Glue. yes. Loco Weed. yes. NUT BUTTER - you betcha. Stay away from all of the above, or you might end up just like Martha Stewart.

From: crafty98
Date: Fri Apr 24 22:04:13 1998

Crazy Glue? I agree with the "Crazy glue theory". That most certainly explains Martha Stewart's crazy and deviant behavior. But, I do beleive that I have also seen "Loco" weed in some of those dusty old dried arrangements. (It's a possibility!) Thanks for the ha ha's.

From: NuttyButty
Date: Wed Apr 15 00:17:04 1998

Talk About Nuts!

The reason that I ended up at this nutty site in the first place was that I was looking for a recipe for Peanut Brittle. The web thinks that there is a Martha Stewart brittle recipe out there. (Dead Link) Anyway, I truly beleive that I have seen all of the "Nuts" that I care to for a while, after checking out your NUTTY party.

From: (Not Martha Stewart)(Thank goodness)
Date: Mon Apr 13 20:55:07 1998

I suspect that Martha Stewart has been into the "Crazy Glue" again. That would certainly explain a lot.

From: Rockyrode
Date: Mon Apr 13 16:52:15 1998

Who decorated that room? Did Martha do it?

Just wondering--Did Martha Stewart do anything extra crafty at your party? For instance, was she responsible for the marvelous decorating job pictured--lava lamp and all??? And where'd you get that tile shown with all of those cucumbers?

PS.I never really liked green jello. Now I know why!

From: Coco & Tara (Carl@strongbox.dot)
Date: Sun Apr 12 23:35:21 1998

I say It's time to get rid of that toilet in your front yard, Miss.

From: Mrs. Martha F. Stewart (MarthaFStewart@webtv.net)
Date: Sat Apr 4 01:07:33 1998

Wonderful Site

Words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with your creativity and talent. My goodness, you are truly amazing. Such humor, such silliness, such dementia! You should be very proud!

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Martha F. Stewart

From: Myob (~)
Date: Fri Apr 3 14:52:57 1998


Man! Thi webpage is really screwed up! You are some sort of lunitic having mad fantasies about Martha Stewart herself! Yikes!

From: (NO email- U scare me)
Date: Tue Mar 24 18:14:50 1998

You're nutty. Is that a good thing?

I can't beleive that I spent so much time at your deranged site. the 1 thing that made it worth while was seeing Martha get hit by that pie- over and over and over and over and over again. Also what does VanHalen think about Martha's solo? Don't write me. I'm afraid that what you have may be contagious.






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